2006 Second National Airspace System Infrastructure Management Conference

The Second National Airspace System Infrastructure Management Conference: NAS Infrastructure in Transition was held June 13, 2006 at the University of California Washington Center in Washington, D.C.

This conference focused on the challenges involved in transforming to the Next Generation Air Transportation System; topics included policy management, cost drivers, air tower transition, facility management and more. | View the agenda here in PDF format |

Session 1: NAS Architecture of the Future and Infrastructure in Transition
NAS Infrastructure Roadmap Update Kip Spurio, FAA ATO Operations Planning
The Path to NGATS John Scardina, JPDO/MITRE ERAU
Challenges for an NGATS Infrastructure Steve Bradford, FAA ATO Operations Planning
Session 2: Engineering Systems, Modernization and Integration
Feedback Models of System Transition John Hansman, MIT
NAS Infrastructure Modernization Nelson Keeler, VOLPE National Transportation Systems Center
NAS Infrastructure Management Symposium Maryann King, Raytheon
Session 3: Communication, Automation and Infrastructure Systems Management in Transition
ADS-B Program Overview Allen Overbey, FAA ATO En Route and Oceanic; Surveillance and Broadcast
En Route Automation Infrastructure in Transition Reza Eftekari, MITRE CAASD
Airspace Systems Management in Transition James Pritchard, FAA ATO National Airways Systems Engineering
Session 4: Economics of Future Systems: Modernization and New Approach to Investment Analysis
Economic Performance and NGATS Sherry Borener, JPDO/NASA
Real Options Analysis of Public Sector Investments Michele Steinbach, MITRE
NAS Infrastructure in Transition Richard Golaszewski, GRA Inc.
Session 5: Panel NAS Transition, Lessons Learned
Highway Transportation Transition Issues Rodney Lay, Center for Information and Telecommunication Technologies, Mitretek Systems
Give NAS a BRAC Frank L. Frisbie, Apptis
Session 6: Concluding Remarks
Infrastructure: The Stuff Pork is Made of Norm Fujisaki, Norm Fujisaki Business Consulting