2015 NEXTOR Research Symposium

The 2015 NEXTOR Research Symposium was organized by the Federal Aviation Administration and held at the FAA Quesada Auditorium in Washington, DC on May 28, 2015. The symposium featured remarks by Dave Chin, NEXTOR Program Director; Michael Huerta, FAA Administrator; and Professor Michael Ball, University of Maryland. The program featured research presentations highlighting recent results from studies conducted by NEXTOR universities.

Video is available for each session on YouTube. Just click the video links below.

See the Symposium poster here.

Session: Welcome and Introduction Video
Welcome and Introduction Dave Chin, NEXTOR Program Director and Director of Performance Analysis, FAA ATO
Opening Remarks Michael Huerta, Administrator, FAA
NEXTOR and NEXTOR-II, a Brief History Michael Ball, Professor, University of Maryland
Session I: Safety Trends and Research Video
How Safe Is It to Fly? Arnold Barnett, Professor, MIT
Sensitivity Analysis of the Integrated Safety Assessment Model John Shortle, Professor, George Mason University
Session II: Use of ADS-B to Manage Oceanic Traffic Video
Modeling Oceanic Traffic in the Era of Satellite-Based ADS-B Surveillance Technology Antonio Trani, Professor, Virginia Tech
Improving Investment Analysis of Operational Improvements in the North Atlantic (NAT) via Stakeholder Interviews Daniel DeLaurentis, Professor, Purdue University
Session III: Performance Modeling & Analysis Video
New Predictability Metrics Mark Hansen, Professor, U.C. Berkeley
Passenger Delay Modeling and Trends Cynthia Barnhart, Professor, MIT
Data Driven Methods for Airspace Performance Analysis Lance Sherry, Associate Professor, George Mason University
Session IV: Traffic Flow Management Video
Service Level Expectation Setting for Traffic Flow Management Michael Ball, Professor, University of Maryland
Analysis of Gaming Issues in Collaborative Trajectory Options Program (CTOP) John-Paul Clarke, Professor, Georgia Tech
Closing remarks Video
Dave Chin, Director, Performance Analysis, FAA ATO