2018 NEXTOR Research Symposium

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Topic Speaker
Welcome and Guest Introductions Dr. Daniel Murphy: Director, Office of Performance Analysis.
Opening Remarks Teri L. Bristol, Chief Operating Officer, Air Traffic Organization (ATO)
NEXTOR Mission Brief
Professor Michael Ball (UMD), NEXTOR Co-Director
Causal Analysis of Enroute Flight Inefficiency—The US Experience Professor Mark Hansen (UCB)
Runway Performance Database and Modeling Professor Antonio Trani (Virginia Tech)
Integrating Commercial Space Launch Operations into the NAS Professor R. John Hansman (MIT)
How Safe Is It to Fly? Recent Trends Professor Arnold Barnett (MIT)
Wake Vortex Modeling Professor John Shortle (GMU)
Datalink and Enroute Safety Professor Jasenka Rakas (UCB)
Similar Historical Days and Air Traffic Flow Management Response Strategies Professor David Lovell (UMD)
Using Block Chain for Dense Urban Traffic Management Professor Dengfeng Sun (Purdue)
Change Management & Operational Integration to Support TBO for Arrival Management Professor Philip Smith (OSU)
Decision Support Capabilities for Effective Application of Collaborative Trajectory Options Professor Michael Ball (UMD)
Schedule Buffers and Passenger Delays Professor Vikrant Vaze (Dartmouth)
Using Financial Instruments to Hedge Airline Delay Costs Professor Lance Sherry (GMU)
Big Data Analysis for Multi-Modal Performance Analysis Professor Eric Marie J. Feron (Georgia Tech)
Closing Remarks Dr. Daniel Murphy: Director, Office of Performance Analysis