Planning H1N1 Vaccination in PODs and Schools

The Montgomery County, MD, Advanced Practice Center for Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response and I would like to remind everyone that POD planning tools like the Clinic Planning Model Generator (CPMG) can be used to plan staffing and predict queueing and throughput H1N1 vaccination in PODs and in schools.

Some of these will be very simple – for instance, a school POD (clinic) may have just a vaccination station staffed by nurses. The inputs to the CPMG are the number of students at a school and the number of hours for the vaccination activity. The model will determine how many staff are needed. If the number needed exceeds the number available at the school, then increase the number of hours that the POD will operate.

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(August 4, 2009) UPDATE: See also the CDC’s list of Tools and Models to Estimate Staffing.