Urban to Rural Evacuation Tool

The Western New York Alliance Inc. Advanced Practice Center has created an Urban to Rural Evacuation Tool that predicts the movement of people from large cities to the surrounding counties.

The map-based tool presents a large set of relevant statistical data in a useful manner. It runs as a Java program in a web browser (I tested it using Internet Explorer). The first step is to choose a large city from a map of the lower 48 states. The choices range from New York and Los Angeles to Pierre, South Dakota, and Santa Fe, New Mexico. After a city is selected, the model shows a map of the counties surrounding that city. Moving the mouse over the counties shows key information about that county, including its population and the number of resources available to serve evacuees (grocery stores, hotels, restaurants, and so forth). One can also choose to select different views, so that each county is colored by the level of resources or the number of evacuees expected to move there under different scenarios.

SNS Modeling Forum and Blog

The SNS Modeling Forum now has a blog called Looking Forward, which “is an attempt to broadly scan news and information sources for new technologies, policies and regulations that may potentially impact emergency response and public health in the future, and to provide links and commentary on those items.” Both resources are sponsored by the Strategic National Stockpile of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.