Request for Decision-making Tool Testing

The Multnomah County, Oregon, Advanced Practice Center is looking for health departments to test its Staff Allocation Decision-making Tool:

We are in need of six local health departments (2 small, 2 medium, 2 large) from around the nation to test this tool in a tabletop format with a small group of staff/volunteers who would likely serve as emergency response leaders during a large event. As an example, a group of testers may include: 1 Emergency Preparedness Program Manager, 1 Health Department Administrator, 1 Health Officer, 1 Epidemiologist, 1 Communicable Disease Nurse, and others who would be leading or making decisions related to an investigation or a POD.

The tool helps health departments allocate staff to mass prophylaxis and public health investigations when resources are limited. Those interested in participating should contact Aron Stephens, MPH, Program Development Specialist, NACCHO APC Grant, Multnomah County Health Department, Portland, Oregon, at or 503.988.3663 x23325.

Article on Computer Modeling

The Tuesday, April 6, 2010, issue of The Washington Post included an article by David A. Fahrenthold about computer modeling. The article discusses computer models in climate change, water pollution, and sports and describes the need to consider the uncertainties in the models’ predictions and the fact that these predictions can be wrong. It provides a nice introduction to computer modeling for a general audience.