2011 IERC Homeland Security Track Best Paper

The paper “A Review of Risk Assessment Models for Inland Waterway Transportation,”
by Jingjing Tong and Heather Nachtmann, both from the University of Arkansas, is the Best Paper in the Homeland Security Track at the 2011 Industrial Engineering Research Conference.

The paper reviews existing risk assessment models for transportation systems and infrastructures and compares the methodologies used by considering fundamental principles of risk assessment and management. The paper also identifies the models that are most relevant for inland waterway risk assessment.

IIE Annual Conference

The IIE Annual Conference will be May 21-25 in Reno, Nevada.

The Industrial Engineering Research Conference, which is part of the Annual Conference, will have a track on Homeland Security. This track will include sessions on the following subjects:

  • Adapting Traditional OR Models for Complex Problems in Homeland Security
  • Risk Analysis for Maritime Transportation in Ports and Waterways
  • Catastrophes and Transportation
  • Modeling Homeland Security Problems
  • Operations Research for Homeland Security
  • Protecting Inland Waterways and Ports

The Homeland Security Track chairs are Justin Yates at Texas A&M and Jeffrey W. Herrmann at the University of Maryland.

Defining Public Health Emergency IT

Dr. Nathaniel Hupert visited the University of Maryland this week and a gave a seminar entitled “Getting HIT to PHIT: technology for the new science of public health response logistics?” He discussed the information technology that is needed to capture mission-critical data on health system capacity and capabilities that would be useful for effective public health emergency response.

For more about Dr. Hupert and his talk, see my post at our Center of Excellence in Health Information Technology Research blog.