Talks at INFORMS Charlotte

The INFORMS Charlotte conference starts on November 13.
The following talks are related to public health preparedness.
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Sunday, November 13

Early Detection and Control of Potential Pandemics, Shengpeng Jin, Suraj Alexander, University of Louisville.

Impact of Decision Times and Response Capabilities on Mitigating a Bioterrorism Attack, Jason Middleton, Cheryl Dingus, David Guistino, Jennifer Wightman, Battelle.

Stockpiling Ventilators for Pandemic Influenza, Hsin-Chan Huang, Ozgur Araz, Paul Damien, Lauren Meyers, David Morton, University of Texas at Austin.

Optimizing the Societal Benefits of the Annual Influenza Vaccine, Osman Ozaltin, University of Waterloo; Oleg A. Prokopyev, Mark Roberts, Andrew Schaefer, University of Pittsburgh.

Optimizing Delivery of Antibiotics in Response to an Anthrax Attack, Adam Montjoy, Jeffrey Herrmann, University of Maryland.

Tuesday, November 15

Choosing Among Prevention Interventions for Pandemic Influenza, David Hutton, University of Michigan.

Modeling Community Vulnerability and Medically Fragile Populations for Natural Disaster Preparedness, Joshua Behr, Rafael Diaz, Old Dominion University.

Modeling the Effect of Public Health Resources and Alerting on the Dynamics of Pertussis Spread, Emine Yaylali, Julie Ivy, Reha Uzsoy, North Carolina State University; Erica Samoff, UNC Institute for Public Health.

Approximation Algorithm for the Pediatric Vaccine Stockpiling Problem, Van-Anh Truong, Columbia University.

Making Operating Decisions for a Public Health Emergency Response Network, Kathleen King, John Muckstadt, Cornell University.

Wednesday, November 16

A Multi-agent Model for Optimizing Alerting Decisions in the Case of a Disease Outbreak, Emine Yaylali, Julie Ivy, North Carolina State University.

Vaccine Prioritization for Biological Terrorist Events or Pandemic Response, Fan Yuan, Eva Lee, Georgia Insitute of Technology.

Analysis of Resource Needs for Postal and POD Mass Dispensing, Eva Lee, Chien-Hung Chen, Georgia Institute of Technology.