Modeling bill of rights

The December, 2011, issue of Industrial Engineer includes an article by David Sturrock about how to conduct a successful simulation project. He includes a “bill of rights” for modelers. Some of the highlights:

    Stakeholders must be accessible, cooperative, and involved periodically to resolve issues.
    Don’t criticize the modeler for unexpected or undesirable results.
    If a stakeholder “knows” the right answer beforehand, there is no point to the project. Respect objectivity.

He also lists a stakeholder bill of rights, which includes the following items:

    The modeler will help stakeholders find the right problems and evaluate proposed solutions.
    All but the simplest projects will have a prototype.
    The model will have enough detail to address the stated objectives.
    Project results will be summarized and expressed in a form and terminology useful to stakeholders.
    The model will be documented internally and externally.