Program 44: Be Faster than a Sparrow!

Rumi’s lyric poetry seems to focus on our inner world of ambitions, joys, fears, and spiritual yearnings. In this program we look outwards and try to see the birds the way Rumi sees them. Not surprisingly, we find the inner and the outer realms to be connected closely.

Program 43: Love is a Dragon

I set out to focus this program on the concept of fear. Much to my surprise, I found out that for Rumi the feeling that counters fear is not courage. It is love. And love is obtained by building a mirror-like inner space that…let me leave the rest of that to Rumi. He says it through a fascinating story.

Program 42: We are in This Together

I start this program with Rumi’s emphasis on the significance of hope in our lives in these days of struggle with a global threat. There are things that we can learn from this pandemic though. Not reducing life to notions of loss and gain, or victory and defeat is one of them. The way Rumi sees it, life is about presence and we are in it as one big global family.

Program 41: The Healing Nowruz Rain

The Spring has just arrived. At the same time, the world is in the grips of a pandemic. In this program I look to Rumi for words of wisdom that help us celebrate the arrival of Nowruz “the Persian New Year” and listen to his teachings about illness and healing ourselves and our world.


Program 40: Words can Harm, and they can Heal

Rumi’s words have brought us together. What is in his poetic speech that educates, delights, and transforms us? There are many ways to address this question. In this 40th episode of Radio Rumi, I discuss our poet’s understanding of the concept of speaking, its impact on our lives, and on those of others around us.

Program 39: Egos that have turned into dragons

As election, politics, and power are on our minds, I look at Rumi’s understanding of the concept of power and his approach to it. As a well-known and respected figure, Rumi received attention from the wealthy, the noble, and the politically powerful people of his time. How he handled these delicate situations, and what he recommended to his followers are remarkable.

Program 35: The Rabbit that Danced with the Trees

In this episode, recorded right after the Thanksgiving which we recently enjoyed, I focus on Rumi’s approach to feeling content and expressing gratitude. I look at the way he defines this foundational concept and its function in our daily lives? We will also look at places in which we can find examples of contentment and learn to express it.

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