Welcome to Terps Take Care

Welcome back for Fall 2020, Terps. We’re happy to have you on campus, and we also know that this season may be even more full of chaos, uncertainty, and anxiety than usual. We are here to promote a community of care, and to invite you to participate in caring for each other the same way. Stay safe and healthy, Terps, and ask for help whenever you need or want it.

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How Do You Take Care?

The Department of Resident Life launched the Terps Take Care campaign in Fall 2017 with hard-copy newsletters and bulletin boards in residence halls across campus. Our first annual Terps Take Care Fair was quick to follow in the next semester, and it was a hit! Since then, we have only adapted and improved all of the experiences and resources we offer, thanks to the input of the students and staff like you in our shared community of care.

Save the Date Terps Take Care Fair Wednesday, 10/7 on Hornbake Mall

Get involved with us at our annual Terps Take Care Fair, taking place on Wednesday, October 7, 10am-2pm on the Hornbake Mall. The Terps Take Care Fair is an interactive mental health resource fair with information, activities, and giveaways from student organizations, campus departments, and local businesses who are committed to creating a culture where we can discuss mental health openly and honestly. We work to decrease stigma and increase awareness from our unique locations, and at the Terps Take Care Fair we come together in solidarity. Register your organization to participate.

The Terps Take Care campaign strives to educate the campus community about mental health in general and about the self-care strategies necessary for emotional well-being. We focus on both the positive ideas of wellness & thriving for all and on reducing stigma associated with mental illness and mental health treatment.

This website is one component of our campaign, collecting our resources, advice, and support for mental health and those living with or in recovery from mental illness.

Take a look around.

Find ways you can take good care of yourself and each other.

Get help when you need it and support your friends when they reach out.

And join the movement to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health.

Terps, Take Care!


Meditation Demo by Maille O’Donnell

Puppy Time at Terps Take Care Fair