August/September 2019

National Suicide Prevention Week: September 9th-13th, 2019
Join us as we raise awareness and practice self-care for National Suicide Prevention Week, September 9-13, 2019 […] [includes calendar of events]

Third Annual Terps Take Care Fair – October 10, 2019
The 3rd annual Terps Take Care interactive mental health fair takes place on Thursday, 10/10/2019 from 11am-2pm on Hornbake Mall. Join people from across our campus and community to learn about self-care and mental health resources and unite against stigma. We hope to create a more open environment in which people are encouraged to speak about their mental health, praised for seeking help when needed, and respected as whole individuals […]
[check out the main Terps Take Care Fair page for registration, photos]

The Video Store
This isn’t a place you can buy or rent old VHS tapes or DVDs – but it is a highlight reel of some of the great online videos that our students and staff have collaborated on. Below, you’ll find videos from the Terps Talk Mental Health series, which features UMD students who share their own mental health struggles and coping strategies. You’ll also find the Health Center’s video on recognizing and responding to signs of distress that you might see in friends or peers. […]

Check out last year’s September/October 2018 issue for seasonally-relevant topics like

  • learning about campus resources,
  • dealing with roommate conflicts, and
  • getting familiar with UMD’s Substance Use  Intervention Treatment Team.