February/March/April 2020

Sleep Hygiene for Spring Semester
For a long time, we’ve been aware of the “culture of busy” infected our lives and routines. Sometimes it feels like, if you’re not smothering under a 27 credit courseload, two internships, three campus organizations and at least one job, you must not be “doing enough” with your time. And unfortunately, one of the main areas that we sacrifice for the sake of “being busy” is our sleep. […]

An Interview with Olivia Mays, Sexual Health Program Assistant at the UMD Health Center
In this interview, we chat with Olivia Mays, Sexual Health Program Assistant at the University of Maryland Health Center, about on-campus resources for terps who want to take care of their sexual health. Olivia outlines a number of “edu-tainment” programs, information and safety efforts, kits, and “safer sex goodies”  available through Health Promotion and Wellness Services. She also provides a little bit of insight on what drew her to the work, and how she and other terps can live their healthiest lives. […]

The Next Newsletter Needs You
2020-2021 will be the fourth year of the Terps Take Care newsletter, and the third year of the online resources. Every year, we have adapted content and presentation according to feedback from you: UMD students and fellow terps. […] So what else do you want to see? What will make TTC more useful, more accessible, and more helpful for you? What needs to be covered? Do YOU want to contribute? You can help fill us in by answering just four brief questions (or fewer – skip whatever you want!) on our TTC: The Next Newsletter Survey.