UMD Student Article: Neurodiversity. Healthy Relationships. Wags for Wellness. UMD Nutrition Services. (February/March 2019)

Raising Awareness of Neurodoversity at UMD (by UMD Student Zachary Tumlin)
Hello, my name is Zachary Tumlin and I am a graduate student in the Master of Library and Information Science program at the University of Maryland College Park. In the College of Information Studies (iSchool), we examine people and information […]

Building Healthy Relationships (& Causes of Unhealthy Ones)
Sometimes we get caught up in the idea that “unhealthy relationships” only refer to abusive relationships. Health, however, is a sliding scale – in relationships, just as in everything else. Even the most physically fit person can find ways to be healthier (like sleeping more, or balancing their meals better, or taking vitamins). Similarly, even the best relationships likely have include some unhealthy behaviors. […]

Campus Spotlight: Wags for Wellness
In this interview, we discuss the Wags for Wellness program, which allows UMD students to connect with therapy dogs up to three times a month, right here on campus! Sarah Wilson, Stress and Mental Wellness Program Coordinator at the University Health Center, coordinates this program, and answered all of our questions below […]

Interview with Jane Jakubczak, Coordinator of Nutrition Services
In this interview, Jane Jakubczak (MPH, RDN, LDN, and Coordinator of Nutrition Services at the University Health Center) shares a lot of information about how diet is related to physical and mental wellness, reducing shame and fear around talking about nutrition, and why she’s so passionate about it. She also shares how Nutrition Services at the Health Center can help you […]