Building Healthier Relationships (& Causes of Unhealthy Ones)

Sometimes we get caught up in the idea that “unhealthy relationships” only refer to abusive relationships. Health, however, is a sliding scale – in relationships, just as in everything else. Even the most physically fit person can find ways to be healthier (like sleeping more, or balancing their meals better, or taking vitamins). Similarly, even the best relationships likely include some unhealthy behaviors.

As Darius Cikanivicus wrote in his article for, Four Causes of Unhealthy Relationships, there are a few underlying reasons that could be contributing to the problems in your interpersonal relationships (whether they are relationships with romantic partners, family, or friends).  Darius outlines some of those reasons and encourages readers to explore the ones that resonate with them, and to reflect and practice behaviors that make our relationships healthier.

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