UMD Student Article: Substance Dependence. Social Interaction Group Network for Students With Autism. Loneliness. Managing Mid-Year Stress. (November/December 2018)

She’s Only Human: A Disease, Not A Choice (by UMD Student Ketki Chauhan)
When Demi Lovato relapsed this past summer after six years of sobriety, I remember sitting at my local Starbucks, telling one of my peers about the news. We were discussing Demi’s honesty in her documentary, “Simply Complicated,” that released last fall. Demi admitted to lying to her fans as she continued to use cocaine while promoting a sober lifestyle. She was faking drug tests and even performing hungover at venues, like American Idol. This admission led trolls to make all types of jokes on social media about her use […]

Interview with Kathy Dow-Burger on the Social Interaction Group Network for UMD Students with Autism (SIGNA)
In this interview, we discuss the SIGNA program with Kathy Dow-Burger. Kathy is the Associate Clinical Professor and Speech-Language Pathologist at the Hearing & Speech Clinic at UMD. Read more to learn about the Social Interaction Group Network for UMD students with Autism, Kathy’s motivation and inspiration, and how to get in touch. […]

Lonely? You’re Not Alone: Links to the Work of Emery Bergmann
Partway through her first year in college Emery Bergmann was lonely. Her dream of the perfect college experience was an illusion. She expected to make close friends quickly and find her place, and that had not happened […]

Managing Midyear Stress: A Mini-Guide
Midterms and final exams can be some of the most difficult and anxiety-producing things you experience as a student – and sometimes we make it worse by turning to unhealthy habits to cope or comfort. All-nighters turn into exhaustion and difficulty focusing; cramming our time with studying can lead to forgetting material. Here are some tips for managing your stress during this time […]