Surviving Winter Break

After a semester of studying hard, working hard, sleeping less, and/or being stressed, Winter Break can bring a sense of relief. Unfortunately, it can also bring a different kind of difficulty. While some folks love heading home for a long vacation, others may find it a challenging time.

Mental Health America notes, “Whether it is adjusting to living at home again or not having anything to do, winter break—a time to recuperate after the past semester— can sometimes feel more overwhelming than school.”

  • Make plans! Want to take part in a community organization or event? Visit your high school? Reconnect with old mentors? Now is a perfect time to do this and schedule some time out of the house. Difficulty with transportation? See if you can get a ride from an old friend.
  • Speaking of friends, this is a great time to visit them for a few days. The more friends you reconnect with or trips you plan, the more you break up your vacation into manageable chunks of time.
  • If you’re close to campus and looking for some short-term work, subscribe to QuickBucks by checking out the part-time jobs section of the Career Center Website.

Finally: whether you are worried about money, boredom, family issues, or managing your mental health, check out “Winter Break Survival Tips for College Students” by Mental Health America.

We’ll see you soon – you’ll be back to campus sooner than you think!