About Trevor Parry-Giles


I am currently the Associate Director for Academic & Professional Affairs at the National Communication Association.

I am on leave as a professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Maryland where I am also an affiliated scholar with the Center for American Politics & Citizenship, an affiliated faculty member with the Department of African-American Studies, an affiliated faculty member with the Center for Political Communication & Civic Leadership, and an affiliated faculty member with the Graduate Field Committee in Film Studies.

In addition, I serve as the co-director of the Political Advertising Resource Center.

cqI am also the Editor of Communication Quarterly, an academic journal published by the Eastern Communication Association.

I am a graduate of Ripon College and the University of New Mexico, with a Ph.D. from Indiana University and my research has appeared in the Quarterly Journal of Speech, Rhetoric & Public Affairs, Critical Studies in Media Communication, the Journal of Communication, Communication Monographs, and elsewhere.

I frequently appear as a expert commentator and am consulted by media outlets including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Baltimore Sun, the Christian Science Monitor, Foxnews.com, the New York Times, The Times (London, UK), USA Today, the Washington Post, China Central Television, the BBC, NBC Nightly News, Spiegel TV (Germany), WTOP Radio (Washington, DC), and WNYC (New York, NY).

For my full CV: TPG CV

I may be reached at 301-405-8947 or at tpg@umd.edu.

Books I’ve authored, co-authored, or co-edited:

3 thoughts on “About Trevor Parry-Giles

  1. Really enjoyed your review of Obama’s speech. I did see the part with Wanda Sykes and subsequent media frenzy about Rush L. and his kidneys.

    I also did not know that you were a faculty member in the department of African-American studies. Does that mean you serve as a type of board member or do you teach classes regarding African-Amercian studies?

    This is my first ever comment on a blog. How cool is this.

    Love, Mom

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