Aero Meet and Greet Ice Cream Social with WIAA, AIAA, and SGT!

On Friday, September 8th, the Women in Aeronautics and Astronautics (WIAA) co-hosted an ice cream meet and greet social with the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and Sigma Gamma Tau (SGT). It was a beautiful day spent getting to know fellow Aerospace Engineering undergraduates, graduates, faculty, and staff, while enjoying some delicious Maryland Dairy Ice Cream! Check out the photos from this event!

Aero Ice Cream Social


Who else should be highlighted for this month’s #WIAAWednesday post other than a very special member of our WIAA Executive Board this year? She has earned a multitude of awards over her past few years at the University of Maryland and has gained an immense amount of experience in the Aerospace industry already. WIAA is not ready for this Masters student to finish her degree and leave our board but cannot wait to continue following her future plans! This #WIAAWednesday highlights Lauren Trollinger!

Lauren Trollinger is a current graduate student finishing up her Masters degree in Rotorcraft in the Alfred Gessow Rotorcraft Center here at the University of Maryland. Her research involves building and testing a scale rotor at high advance ratios in the Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel to understand the fundamental aerodynamics of high-speed forward flight. She became interested in helicopters her freshman year, when the Gamera Human-Powered Helicopter team came to a class of hers to recruit volunteers. She spent two and half years on the team, learning from the graduate students designing the structure, building the microtruss structures that make up the enormous airframe, and being a part of so many “firsts” that Gamera achieved. All of this, plus more, helped to completely cement her interest in rotary-wing aircraft! That interest continued through three internships she held, three years of undergraduate research in Dr. Flatau’s Flow Control lab, a graduate degree under Dr. Chopra, and soon into full-time employment with Aurora Flight Sciences! During her time here at UMD she was selected as one of four WIAA women to receive Aviation Week’s 20 Twenties Award, an international competition that highlights emerging leaders in the aerospace industry. Alongside this, she has received awards from the Women in Aerospace Foundation, AIAA, and the American Helicopter Society Vertical Flight Foundation.

Lauren’s Words of Wisdom: “Every opportunity that came my way seemed to lead to five more. Seek out new experiences and challenge yourself, and you’ll find yourself succeeding in things you never imagined. Get involved and be engaged, because that’s how you meet people – and people are what make everything we do worthwhile.”

Did you know?: Lauren did not get to study abroad as an undergraduate student, so instead she took her own trip through Europe! The best part is – she stayed with all of the foreign exchange students she had met here at UMD!

#‎WIAAWednesday is a monthly spotlight on several of UMD’s distinguished aerospace engineering students/faculty and will accept nominations (self or otherwise) for future months!


WIAA Day 2017

WIAA Day is a day-long event created and hosted by the Women in Aeronautics and Astronautics organization at the University of Maryland, College Park. This event is for female high school and middle school students with an interest in engineering, math, and science who would like to learn more about the exciting field of aerospace engineering! This year’s WIAA Day went absolutely fantastic! We even had one elementary school student attend! Our goal for WIAA Day is to impact these students through the presentations, guest lecturers, and fun hands-on activities. Mission accomplished! A big thank you to the over 50 student, faculty, staff, and industry volunteers who made this amazing day possible! Take a look at the hundreds of photos we have from this event of the many students and panelists. Feel free to check out our condensed album on our WIAA Facebook page for some of our favorites!

WIAA Day 2017