Our team develops holistic, decision-relevant solutions to complex systems challenges that occur at the intersection of disciplines.

Our research seeks to craft methodological advances capable of improving the way we characterize, visualize, and manage coupled human-natural systems, and the infrastructure that drives their interactions. Our team’s work spans planning and management challenges in:

  • Water resources and environmental systems
  • Food-energy-water nexus systems
  • Deep decarbonization (climate change mitigation)

Rather than studying a particular systems challenge in isolation, our work seeks to discover robust, holistic solutions by considering dynamic, uncertain, multi-sector food-energy-water-climate-socioeconomic interactions. In doing so, we hope to craft advances that break down disciplinary and institutional barriers and facilitate joint institutional decision making. This research is supported by a two-way process in which the decision-making context shapes use-inspired science advances, which in turn inform decision making and planning processes.