Month: October 2018

RAs of the Week

Meet some of our awesome undergraduate research assistants!

Meet Hannah!

Hannah is one of our clinic RAs and has been apart of our study since fall 2017. She is a junior who is working on making her own major! When she isn’t in the clinic she can be found doing a campus tour with Images, in the University of Maryland Repertoire Orchestra, or dancing with UMD’s Israeli Dance Troupe. In the future she hopes to go into neuropsychology and do research on the brain mechanisms of attention, development of educational/therapeutic interventions for individuals with ADHD, or teaching. If your lucky when you come to clinic you will have Hannah as your RA!


Meet Carmen!Carmen is one of our lab RAs and has been part of our study since Fall 2017. She is a junior, general biology major. On campus, she is the service chair of Viet Nam Medical Assistance Program (VNMAP), working to address healthcare disparities in the Asian-American community! In the future she hopes to become a physician that not only impacts the community, but also be involved in changing and shaping the healthcare system for a better future! You know your samples are in good hands if Carmen has them!

Potential New Technology!

Spire Tag!

Image result for spire tag

A Spire Tag is worn on the inside of your clothing, becoming virtually invisible. They measure: heart rate, respiratory rate, tension, stress, sleep and exercise! They even remind you to breath when you are stressed or tense.

Make your clothes smart!

Image result for spire tagImage result for spire tag

More information coming soon.

See the Gesundheit-II in action (vintage clip from 2013)

In an online post called “Avoid the ‘back-to-school plague’ of flu and cold” CNN has a clip of the G-II in action in 2013 — when we collected samples from 178 people with influenza-like illness on the College Park Campus of the University of Maryland. A total of 156 of them had influenza virus infections and results were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2018.

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