The study is up and running! This is our second week open and there has already been a huge turnout in clinic! See some of the awesome data below about how many participants we have already seen!

Baseline Surveys 202
Baseline Sample Visits 47
Case Brief Visits 2

Don’t forget, if you have already filled out the baseline survey you are eligible for the baseline sample visit! Come to clinic and have one of our trained RAs collect samples from you to continue participating in the study!

27-Nov 28-Nov 29-Nov 30-Nov 1-Dec 2-Dec 3-Dec 4-Dec
Baseline Surveys 49 57 15 12 4 11 41 11
Baseline Sample Visits 7 5 7 11 5 5 5 2
Case Brief Visits 1 1

If you have not signed up it is not too late! Contact the clinic to get started on the baseline survey and make an appointment to come to clinic for your baseline sample visit! We look forward to meeting with you!