Web-Based Resistance Management Tools

Kurt Vollmer, Weed Management Specialist 
University of Maryland

If you attended the agronomy meetings this past winter, you heard me talk about the importance of using multiple strategies to mitigate herbicide resistance. Rotating and using multiple sites-of-action (SOA), is one strategy that helps prevent weeds and other pests from adapting to a single pesticide group. This can be challenging with so many products on the market. Take Action (https://iwilltakeaction.com) is a farmer-focused education platform designed to help farmers manage herbicide, fungicide and insect resistance. Several tools can be downloaded from this website to aid in your pest control decisions. Among these is an app (https://iwilltakeaction.com/app) that allows the user to

  • Quickly identify herbicide, fungicide or insecticide brands or active ingredient SOA numbers,
  • see a list of other SOA numbers to help diversify his or her weed control program,
  • and search the herbicide, fungicide or insecticide last used to prevent the use of similar SOAs

In addition, the GROW IWM website (https://growiwm.org) provides excellent information on how to use integrated weed management practices for herbicide resistant weeds.