2000 NEXTOR Research Symposium

This symposium was held Nov. 14, 2000 in the auditorium at FAA headquarters in Washington, D.C. | View the agenda |

FAA Welcome Norman Fujisaki, Deputy Director, System Architecture and Investment Analysis, ASD-2, FAA
NEXTOR overview Amedeo Odoni, NEXTOR Co-Director, MIT
Session 1: NAS Performance: Modeling, Monitoring, Improving
A New Paradigm to Model Airport Operations Antonio Trani and Hojong Baik, Virginia Tech
Impacts of FFP1 on NAS Performance Mark Hansen, UC Berkeley
Robust Airline Scheduling: An Approach to Reducing the Impact of Delays on Airline Operations John-Paul Clarke, MIT
Influence of Capacity Constraints on Airline Fleet Mix Mark Hansen and Geoffrey Gosling, UC Berkeleyr
Preliminary Design Process for Future Airspace System Definition Robert Schwab, Boeing
Session 2: Collaborative Decision Making
A Model for Assessing the Impact of Uncertainty Reduction and its Application to CDM Michael Ball and Thomas Vossen, University of Maryland
CDM: An Application of Distributed Planning Michael Wambsganss, Metron
Taxi and Pushback Prediction for CDM John-Paul Clarke, MIT
Collaborative Routing: A Long Term Vision Robert Hoffman, Metron and Michael Ball, University of Maryland
Session 3: Equipment and Technology
Next Generation Aeronautical Communications Applications Antonio Trani, Virginia Tech and Michael Ball, University of Maryland
Analysis of ATM Performance During Equipment Outages Jasenka Rakas and Paul Schonfeld, University of Maryland
COT Refresh and Maintenance Virginia Stouffer and Bob Hemm, Logistics Management Institute
Research on Aviation Security John Kobza, Texas Tech University and Sheldon Jacobson, University of
Closing remarks Adib Kanafani, NEXTOR Co-Director, UC Berkeley