2007 National Aerospace System Performance Workshop

NEXTOR’s conference and seminar series brings industry, academia, and government together to foster discussion on critical aviation operations issues. Through this series, NEXTOR seeks to enhance dialogue, promote information exchange and to channel expertise to advance aviation research and technology.
Policy and Organizational Context
NEXTOR role in NextGen Wilson Felder, FAA
NextGen Overview Briefing Barry Scott, FAA
ATO Strategy and Direction Dave Chin, FAA
Reforming the ATC System to Promote Economic Efficiency Dorothy Robyn, The Brattle Group
NGATS ATM-Airspace Overview Harry Swenson, NASA
OEP Bob Swennson, FAA
Performance Measures in the ATO Dave Knorr, FAA
ATM Performance Framework Xavier Fron, Eurocontrol
JPDO System Modeling and Analysis George Hunter, JPDO
NextGen and Safety Dan Murphy, FAA
Safety and Capacity of the Aircraft Landing Process John Shortle, George Mason University
Cost and Efficiency Analysis of En-route Traffic Control Ed Huang, University of California, Berkeley
ANS Productivity, cost-effectiveness Xavier Fron, Eurocontrol
Recent NAS Delay Trends: Diagnosis and Implications
Motivation for Session Jim Evans, Lincoln Labs
Recent Delay Trends Ken Wright, MITRE
Delay Metrics Dave Knorr, FAA
NAS Performance and Passenger Delay Michael Ball, University of Maryland
Recent NAS Delay Trends Joe Post, FAA
User Efficiency (I)
Statistical Comparison between Flight Delays and Passenger Trip Delays Lance Sherry, George Mason University
Operational Performance as Experienced by the Customer Tom Berry, MITRE
Delay, Complaints, and Fare in a Simultaneous Model of Domestic NAS Dipasis Bhadra, MITRE
User Efficiency (II)
Network-based Optimization Algorithms for TFM Aggregate Flow Models Alex Bayen, University of California, Berkeley
Accuracy in Predicting GDPs and Airport Delays from Weather Forecast Data David Smith, George Mason University
Computation of Aggregate Delay Using Center-based Weather Impacted Traffic Index Banavar Sridhar, NASA
User Efficiency (III)
Recent Trends in Key NAS Performance Metrics Dave Lovell, University of Maryland
Analysis of Multiple Open Message Transactions and Controller-Pilot Miscommunications Jasenka Rakas, University of California, Berkeley
Does Forecast Accuracy Affect NAS Delays Mark Hansen, University of California, Berkeley
Environmental Protection
Aircraft Emissions and Local Air Quality Melissa Ohsfeldt, CSSI
LaGuardia Airport Systems Operations Study Lance Sherry, George Mason University
Aviation and Climate Change: Policies and Challenges Megan Smirti, University of California, Berkeley
Post’s Predictions Joe Post, FAA
Progress to NextGen—Avoided Delay Dan Murphy, FAA
NEXTOR Asilomar Wrap Up Joe Post, FAA
NAS Performance Metrics- Being with the End in Mind Norm Fujisaki, Metron Aviation