2008 NEXTOR Research Symposium

This symposium was held March 6, 2008 at FAA headquarters in Washington, D.C.  View Agenda
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Emerging Research Challenges
Chair: Mark Hansen, University of California, Berkeley
Airline Industry Trends John Hansman, MIT
Demand Modeling for NEXTGEN Toni Trani, Virginia Tech
Airport Congestion Management
Chair: Lance Sherry, George Mason University
Overview of Congestion Management Issues and Alternatives Michael Ball, University of Maryland
Practical Market-Based Approaches Frank Berardino, GRA, Inc.
Determining an Optimal Airport Slot Profile Andy Churchill, University of Maryland
Airport Congestion | Differentiating between Demand and Capacity Effects Mark Hansen, University of California, Berkeley
Performance Modeling
Chair: Arnie Barnett, MIT
Measuring Passenger Trip Delays Lance Sherry, George Mason University
Safety Modeling of Runway Operations John Shortle, George Mason University
Infrastructure Reliability Jasenka Rakas, University of California, Berkeley
Development of a Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory: A Case Study of Aviation in the California Corridor Megan Smirti, University of California, Berkeley
Air Traffic Flow Management
Chair: Michael Ball, University of Maryland
Concepts and Models for NEXTGEN Air Traffic Flow Management Alex Bayen, University of California, Berkeley; Bob Hoffman, Metron Aviation
Quantifying the Benefits of New Technologies for Reducing Trajectory Variability in NEXTGEN Aviation Systems Dave Lovell, University of Maryland
Overview of Operational Inefficiencies and Opportunities for Improvement over the North Atlantic Airspace Norma Campos, MIT