ENMA 489A / ENMA 698A – Special Topics in Computational Materials Science

Dr. Mo has developed an introductory course for junior/senior undergraduate students (ENMA 489A) and graduate students (ENMA 698A) to study atomistic modeling and simulation techniques used in materials research. This course covers the theories, methods, and applications of atomistic-scale modeling techniques in simulating, understanding, and predicting the properties of materials. Specific topics include:

  • Molecular statics using empirical force fields
  • Quantum mechanical methods including density functional theory
  • Molecular dynamics simulations
  • Monte Carlo and kinetic Monte Carlo modeling

This course has received good feedback and evaluations [UMD News Story].


Computation laboratory in ENMA 312 – Experimental Methods in Materials Science

Dr. Mo has developed a new lab session of studying computational modeling techniques in the required core course ENMA 312 for undergraduate Materials Science and Engineering students.  This course development effort emphasizes the integration of essential computation techniques into the undergraduate materials science curriculum. In the spirit of the Materials Genome Initiative, it is essential to train our next-generation materials workforce with computation skills.

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