Name Title
Aoyagi Abstract Poster Experiments using multiple cube anodes
Bakr Abstract Paper Achievements of the 1st and 2nd Prototypes of Ultra-Compact Neutron Generator based on IEC developed for SNM Interrogation System
Barnes Abstract Paper Spherical Penning trap as a Small Fusion Source
Bonomo Abstract Paper UW IEC Group 2018: A New High-Voltage Feed-Through Design for HOMER – Operation to 200+ kV
Bonomo Abstract Paper UW IEC Group 2018: LUNA – Design, Construction, and Initial Operation of a Linear Neutron Source
Hasam Paper Centrifugal Confinement for Fusion
Ishino Abstract Poster H-D mixed gas supply experiments using the non-evaporable getter alloy St172 and analysis of D-T burning experiment 2015
Konishi Abstract Paper 2D Neutron measurement for Compact Sources
Kulcinski Abstract Paper The Use of IEC Fusion Devices at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for Non-Electricity Producing Applications
Kulcinski Abstract Paper Steady-State DD Fusion Neutron Production in an Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion Device up to 200 Kilovolts
Masuda Abstract Paper Results from U-235 Detection Experiments with an SNM Interrogation System Prototype Employing a Portable DD-IEC Neutron Source
Osawa Abstract Paper Study on IEC device with cubic anode for flat neutron source
Sera Abstract Paper Feasibility Study of Utilization of DD-IEC Neutron Generator for Neutron Radiography under X/γ rays Background
Sera Abstract Poster Development of Quantitative Analysis of B-10 for Boron Neutron Capture Reaction based on IEC and TMFD Systems
Wulkfuhler Abstract Paper Overview of Novel IEC Fusion Grids and Miniaturized Electron and Ion Sources at TU Dresden
Yamamoto Abstract Paper Current status of IEC research at Kansai University